Property Title Verification

Property is one the major investment option being used by NRIs to keep them connected to their homeland, India. These properties owned by NRIs are either self acquired or inherited from their ancestors.


NRIs are always concerned about the status of these properties as they are scared of fraudulent transactions concerning these properties. Moreover in absence of appropriate knowledge of various procedures, NRIs face numerous issues on account of ‘Property Search and Title Search’ about the properties owned by them in India.


Unlike developed countries, India lacks the system of Property bank through which the details of ownership of property can be ascertained online. Even though various states have initiated efforts to make the property records available online for the ease of citizens yet the same are not linked to any unique id like PAN Card or Adhaar Card. The government records available online are not easily accessible and retrieving the records online from government websites is an uphill task in itself. To add to their woes, the state revenue record departments being managed and updated in traditional manual records and files even today. Further these records are maintained in vernacular language which is alien to the next generation of NRIs.

Whether the property is owned through inheritance, family transfer or self acquisition, NRIs want to have full understanding and knowledge of the properties owned by them in India.

In absence of their physical presence in India, the anxieties of NRIs are always high on account of the ‘Clear Title’ and Ownership of the property.

Like any other owner, NRIs want the latest certified records of properties proving the latest ownership of their property to ensure that their properties are secure and free from risk of illegal possession and Illegal sale leading to time consuming process of litigation.

Further NRIs seek information on the actual worth and market value of their property so as to make a well informed decision when it comes to sale of property. This information may also become handy in case of any litigation on the property.

Keeping in view these specific requirements of our NRI clients, we at Ghosh Legal Service incorporated a dedicated Property Management team so as to cater and assist our NRI clients in getting the details of their properties. Property and Title search is a time consuming and cumbersome process which involves rigorous follow-ups with various government authorities.