( 1 ) ASSESSMENT OF MARKET VALUE OF THE PROPERTY FROM THE OFFICE OF REGISTRAR ::-The present market value of the property should be assessed from the registrar office and stamp duty and the registration fees should be paid according to the assessed market value. The Registration Office issue verified Property Assessment receipt before any registration of Deed. Purchaser and Seller both need to provide all documents related to property and Identity Cards ( Aadhar Card and Pan Card ) and two witnesses address details.

   (2) ONLINE PAYMENT OF STAMP DUTY AND REGISTRATION FEES :- According to recent Registration Rules Purchaser have to pay the entire Stamp Duty and Registration Fees through online Bank Transfer to the Government which is mentioned in Property Assessment receipt before final Deed Registration.

    ( 3 ) PREPARATION OF THE FINAL SALE DEED BY THE PURCHASER’S LAWYER ::- The lawyer prepares the final sale deed and then engrosses the document on paper leaving the date and place blank then this document is then submitted for stamping and other required formalities.

(4) DOCUMENTS FOR REGISTRATION :- Property related documents like sale deed , Settlement record , Mutation , Tax receipt required. Voter Card , Pan Card , Aadhar Card Copy , Color Passport Photo of Purchaser and Seller Required.
( 5 ) EXECUTE FINAL SALE DEED AND SUBMIT DOCUMENTS TO THE OFFICE OF REGISTRAR ::-The Sale Deed to be submitted to the Officer of the Registrar for registration after successful online payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees. Finally IGR Receipt for withdrawal of Registered Deed will be issued after successful and completion of Entire Registration Office.