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• Bringing justice to Clients who have lost all hope in ever getting their legal rights restored in their country of origin • Delivering fabulous client experience, be fully accountable and accessible to those who are fighting their legal battles through us, while living in far off lands outside India • To reinstate faith in people residing overseas about India and Indians as the mindset of people is so warped and steeped in suspicion against Indians. • To prove that the legal system in India works in a professional, honest and ethical manner and such exclusive and quality legal services are available in India.
20 Years of Experience
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Testimonials of our Clients from across the globe are undeniable and indisputable proof of the efficiency of our team and high quality of our work.

Meet Koushik Ghosh

“ Kousik Ghosh” is the founder of this Ghosh Legal Service Property Registration Law Firm, he is a dynamic personality and having impressive legal skills having legal experience with top law firms of India. Kousik Ghosh is famous and among the top  lawyers based out in Kolkata.

He is Litigation and dispute resolution expert, provides exceptional legal services to clients throughout India. Kousik Ghosh has established a reputation for handling even the most complex and contentious disputes with the utmost discretion.

Koushik Ghosh

Founder Member of Ghosh Legal Service